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She Has A Caustic Tongue, Abused My Mother Till She Wept
The four-year-old wedlock between a couple, Monsuru Badmus and Nuratu Badmus has been dissolved by Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo,Ibadan, Oyo State.

Monsuru who is based outside the country and was represented by his younger brother, Lateef Badmus had instituted a divorce suit against his wife. The plaintiff appealed to the court to end the relationship between him and his wife on accounts of irresponsible act by the latter towards him and his family members.

Nuratu refused to accede to claim.

The defendant claimed the first and only time she ever set eyes on Lateef was during the naming ceremony of their first child which was almost four years ago. According to her, he has no say in the relationship between her and his brother who is her husband.

Lateef acting in his brother’s stead told the court that:”My lord, Nuratu’s behaviour as wife, mother and daughter in-law is far from that which is described as a virtuous woman. She’s troublesome and has made peace to cease in her marriage.

“Nuratu is disobedient and always puts up a fight anytime she’s corrected. She loves to fight and turn the home upside down.

“She has no time for the only child in the marriage. She neglects him and has constantly failed to play the expected loving and caring motherly role towards him, “he stated.

“My lord, Nuratu hates her in-laws and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. She frowns and makes herself unavailable any time they pay her a visit.

“She’s rude and has no respect for her parents’ in-law. Nuratu has a caustic tongue and had on some occasions abused her parents’ in-law. She once used unprintable words on her mother in-law that she wept.

“Monsuru sent a meaningful amount of money through Nuratu to his mother who is presently on sick bed. The money was meant to take care of her medical expenses but Nuratu refused to give her the money. Her mother-in-law is there on her bed writhing in pain and wasting away.

He attends club every night, returns home with his lover and…

“My wife fought me on the street, stripped me almost naked”

My husband refuses to work, lives in my house, destroys my…

My wife is afflicted with hard luck; she ruined me, dumped…

“Nuratu has succeeded in causing disunity in the family and has turned the back of family members against one another.

“She has caused enough havoc in the family and the best solution is that she leaves, “the plaintiff told the court.

Giving her evidence, Nuratu stated that:”My lord, all he said are lies. I love my husband and I’m not ready to part ways with him.

“The first and only time I ever set my eyes on Lateef was during our child’s naming ceremony which is almost four years. He has no say in my marriage or the relationship between my husband and I. He can’t therefore appeal that we be separated.

“My lord, contrary to what he said, I take care of the home and had never failed in my duties towards our only child.

“It is true there was a misunderstanding between my father in-law and I; my husband asked me to apologise to him after I was served a court summons and I did, but he refused to give me audience not to mention accepting my apology.

“My relationship with my in-laws is cordial and pleasant. I pay them regular visits and do take along with me gifts for them.

“My lord, I love my husband dearly and therefore don’t pray that our marriage be dissolved, “she concluded.

Ruling after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their wedlock and granted the defendant the custody of their children.

The plaintiff was asked to be responsible for his welfare, education and health service in particular.

Monsuru was asked to pay N5, 000 through the court monthly as their child’s feeding allowance.


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