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Doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital were yesterday trying to save the life of a five-month- old baby who was shot in the abdomen during a gun attack, which left her mother dead.

The dead woman was identified as 20-year-old Alexia Brown, who resided at Farm Heights here in St James.

According to the police, Brown was returning home about 8:45 yesterday morning after putting her four-year-old child on a taxi to go to school .

As she was heading back towards her home, clutching her infant child in her arms, she was attacked by an armed man who alighted from a motor car and started firing shots.

Brown, after receiving a bullet wound, fell to the ground while holding on to her baby. She died on the spot and the child, who was still holding on to her as she lay dead, was immediately taken to hospital after it was discovered that she was bleeding at the abdomen from a bullet wound.

A source told the

Jamaica Observer that Brown was an eyewitness in a murder case, but did not accept witness protection which was offered to her.

Speaking to reporters at the Freeport Police Station yesterday afternoon, Commander for the St James Division Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth said that investigators were following different leads in their probe.

He disclosed that the wounded child’s father was shot and wounded in the Rose Height’s section of the parish 10 days ago, while the father of Brown’s four- year -old child was shot and killed last year by gunmen. It was not clear, however, if it was that murder that she had reportedly witnessed.

Residents of Farm Heights were tight-lipped about yesterday’s shooting, but SSP Nesbeth appealed to people who can assist the police with their investigations to come forward with any information they might have to help bring the killer to justice.

“We the police are resolute to bring them to justice. We will be getting them,” Nesbeth said.

Said the police superintendent: “[It is] a very gruesome, heinous act. This just goes to show how heartless criminals traversing St James are. They prey on the vulnerable, the weak and in this case a woman.”


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8 comments to this article

  1. Anonymous

    on November 26, 2016 at 8:43 am - Reply

    What is wrong with these blood sucking vampires in Montego Bay .The arm forces need to find them and bury them alive messing up our beautiful country. I do hope that little baby survive.

  2. anonymous

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:08 am - Reply

    How heartless, how cruel? Why they think they can live like this and not have to answer to God. Praying for that baby and her first child that is now left orphaned.

  3. Jem

    on November 26, 2016 at 11:28 am - Reply

    Di way Jamaica ah move we need martial law. Our beautiful paradise is riddled with the disease of crime. What unglodly seeds have been planted in the hearts of ppl? This was a nefarious act. Government need fi send out di army.

  4. Tinan

    on November 26, 2016 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Dear God!! when will this stop – dem man yah come in like dem just nuh born from woman a some demon carry them come yah..
    It is such a pity she never took the witness protection, whatever that might have done (in Ja that is). SMH

  5. yardielovethug

    on November 26, 2016 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    When n how will this vicious cycle of voilence ends?We strongly condemn this cultural practice of the killing of witnesses to prevent justice inna Jamaica. The attack on our women n children will only cease when we as a society band together to rid our country of these scrouges to Jamaica.

    Our witness protection programme is pure shyt so the vast majority of witnesses to crime will reject it. Govt n opposition plz retool n revamp the programme so ppl can have confidence in it n plz resume hanging asap fcuk the privy council inna uk!

  6. All don a informa

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    I’m sorry for di baby, but lady’s pleas remember u lay wit criminals u associate wit dem, tings like dis will happen to ur kid’s r u ,JAH guide these youth n protect di inocent n put wrath pan di wicked

  7. Anonymous

    on November 27, 2016 at 12:53 am - Reply

    When mi seh mi nuh care wah police waan do wid murderers nuh seh nutten to mi. Jamaicans for Justice what unno doing fi get justice for this young mother and her baby? Unno bloodclaat siddung caan never seh a wud pon di innocents dem a get dead by di hands a criminals, but when police kill criminals unno choat hole tretch out like Rio Cobre. Dirty Indecom weh unno gwine do fi dis young woman and her baby and di one weh left behind. Crime grow like a wildfire under di watch of unno imported so called experts. All di fckrs do is create one bag a organizations weh can needa seven nor eleven. Acronyms kill wi and crimes caan solved. Kmft.

  8. HeavyD

    on November 27, 2016 at 5:44 am - Reply

    It will stop when we the ppl decide. These criminals behave that way bcuz they know ppl wont point them out bcuz of fear. Ever wonder how dem nuh run certain joke inna some community? Bcuz as u quint ppl push dem out. Nuff say dem fraid of informa police but same applies there if ppl push dem out too dem will hold dem corner. As me say ppl need fi collectively decide fi act n mi nuh mean bbc march n candle light f***ry. N sometimes we affi go jungle justice. The last time me see see some yute try hot up a place a bess a the whole community mi see bbc move to them one time 2 get minced to corn beef n the other a police save that n the house dem did kotch up inna bun down. Until we decide fi either lock up or kill we mother/father/bro/sis etc fi them f***ry we will forever be killed bythem n dem actions. Sound a way but a d truth. We nuh biz with nobody til a our ppl dead then u hear we a bawl bout no body helping etc. Me just waah see 2 a push badness n send threat pon my block a str8 copper naah mek it fester. Might dead yes but dem fi know dem nuh safe either. Cowering in fear nuh save u it only embolden dem shut house ya. Fear a the number one weapon of many

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