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Good nite don’t have to hide my ID…. there’s this big wharf dog on ig a post up everyday bout order sneakers from her etc etc me order two sneakers from April me specifically ask it if me ago get me  tings dem before the 15th caz am goin on vaca it say yes dat a before d bitch get me money anyways send her the money and ting weeks pass me txt it say me sneakers in transit one week before me vaca me say a wa Suh Mek my shoes dem still in transit she nuh reply me say no me need me tings dem an me specifically ask u before me send me money if I’ll get it before d time me also go as far as say send me next sneakers since one out of d two not available she said ok days pass all nw d bitch nuh say ntn to me me affi a txt her she start give me start suh me give it to her caz a nuh beg me beg her 350 me send her one of d sneakers is for 200 next is for 150 and a wen she get me money she should say one a d shoes me fi get she nuh ave it me choose a next one cost 130 suh me highlight dat part…..Me highlight dat part to her me say u ago zelle me bck my 20 dollars d bitch say no she don’t do refund a month pass all nw me can’t get no shoes anyways one out of d two sneakers came d other day rite me ask for d other she say in d week I’ll get it I said okay rass 2 weeks pass no sneakers me txt her again an gwan bad d wharf dog block me.. unu @ her plz and report her page  don’t order ntn from d thief she tek my money and half of d goods plus she took my fren money no goods @ aaliyah717closet…Dats her ig name she ave me 220 and all now me can’t get me other sneakers…Dats her ig name she ave me 220 and all now me can’t get me other [email protected] dats her ig name do not buy from her

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