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Last week Platinum Camp Records blasted a story about an incident that took place in Paris France,wherein reggae artist ‘Chronixx’ and his posse were assaulted by security personnel after his stage performance. It was reported that the assault occurred as a result of Chronixx and his Posse accosting the security personnel and their refusing to wear the identifying armbands that were issued to the performers and their immediate parties, that would allow them access to the stage and backstage areas. Since then Chronixx and his team has been emphatically denying that the beat down ever took place, in fact they issued a press release claiming that Platinum Camp Records had blasted a false report and in so doing, they basically are trying to discredit Platinum Camp’s integrity. Therefore here goes voice note number 1 of 2 eyewitnesses reports coming straight out of Paris France.



SALT LAKE CITY — A U.S. Marshal shot-and-killed an alleged gang member who charged at a witness testifying against him during a trial at the federal courthouse here.
Siale Angilau, 25, was facing trial on mafia-style racketeering charges. Witnesses in the courtroom told FOX 13 that an inmate witness, who apparently was a former member of Angilau’s gang, was testifying about life inside the gang.
FBI Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge Mark Dressen said Angilau grabbed a pen from the table and rushed up to the witness.
“There were people yelling at him, telling him to stop and he just didn’t stop,” said Sara Josephson, who was in the courtroom. “He kept going forward with his furiousness.”
Perry Caldwell said someone in the courtroom shouted “Get on the floor!” and people ducked behind benches. The FBI said a U.S. Marshal, assigned to provide security for the courtroom, was to the side of the witness and the jury and shot Angilau.
“He (Angilau) was falling as he was still shooting him,” Caldwell told FOX 13. “When he was on the ground, I think he got shot like four times on the ground.”
The FBI would not say how many times Angilau was shot.
“I believe he was shot in the chest multiple times,” Dressen said.
Angilau was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead hours later. His attorney, Michael Langford, declined to comment except to express concern for his client.
The federal courthouse, a silver cube that stands out on the Salt Lake City skyline, has been open for only a week and Angilau’s trial was the first jury trial in the new facility. It was locked down for hours. People inside the building were evacuated.
“We’re all OK,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells told FOX 13 as she was escorted out of the courthouse.
U.S. District Court Judge Tena Campbell, who presided over Angilau’s trial, left the courthouse surrounded by security and personnel. She declined to comment to FOX 13.
Campbell immediately declared a mistrial after speaking to jurors who said they were “too shaken up” to continue. The trial had barely begun after a jury had been seated on Friday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Utah said.
Read Judge Campbell’s mistrial order here
In an order issued late Monday, Judge Campbell extended the jury’s term for the purposes of them receiving counseling.
Angilau was a member of the Tongan Crip Gang, which had been systematically prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on racketeering charges. Angilau was the final defendant in the massive case, which stretches back to 2008.
Read the indictment against TCG members here
Federal prosecutors in Utah have targeted street gangs on RICO charges, labeling them as “organized crime” enterprises. Other defendants in the case have been convicted and sentenced to federal prisons across the nation, dismantling the gang’s leadership.
Federal authorities would not identify the U.S. Marshal involved in the shooting, except to say it was under investigation. In a statement late Monday, federal authorities said courthouse security was not compromised, nor did they believe Angilau secreted a weapon into the building.
Caldwell said he believed the shooting was justified.
“I think it was warranted because I don’t see how you could break up that fight that was happening,” he said. “They were on each other. I do believe he (the U.S. Marshal) did the right thing.”
The Utah State Prison in Draper and the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison have gone on lockdown as a security precaution because of the incident, according to the Utah Department of Corrections. Visitation is suspended until further notice.




A 33-year-old man from Hans Kekana View in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, SA, has been arrested after he cut his 29-year-old wife’s private parts.

The man suspected that his wife was cheating and after mutilating her, he attempted to slit her throat.

He reportedly phoned two of his wife’s friends after the dastardly deed.

One of the friends who didn’t want to be named said she was shocked and called neighbours for help.

Neighbour Mmaphefo Sebidi (35) said: “The husband didn’t even try to run away when people arrived on the scene. He told them about his evil deeds and showed them his wife’s private parts. Some residents, mostly women, got angry and started assaulting him with bricks.”

The paramedics soon arrived and took the woman to hospital with her private parts packed on ice.

When the cops arrived, furious residents were trying to force the suspect out of his shack to beat him.

One woman in the crowd screamed: “Give us that man. We need to slice his 4-5 into pieces.”

The suspect was escorted to a police van after more cops were called to the scene.

Police Lieutenant Sarah Lesabane said: “The suspect has been arrested for attempted murder and is under police guard at a hospital.

“He will appear in court once he is discharged.”


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Calico Music Group Gears Up to Kick Off The Upcoming Season with Annual Memorial Day BBQ
The weather is getting warmer and as they have proudly done for the past 9 years, CMG is kicking off the season with their annual Memorial Day Weekend BBQ on May 26th, 2014.

The event has become a staple on the New York social scene attracting entertainers and party goers alike. In the past years CMG Annual BBQ has offered performances, extravagant giveaways, were the official after party for the Irie Jam Radio Celebrity Soccer Match and much more.

“I am proud to see how this event has grown and is still growing. I would also like to say a special thank you to all the fans and supporters of our brand cmg/ calico music group in the behalf of me and my team. We will continue to grow and keep on delivering premium entertainment, whether through means of production, promotion and or artist management.” states CMG CEO Richie

The event which will take place at Lorna’s Outdoor & Indoor Complex in Queens, NY has many surprises in the makings to be announced. Each year party goers dance from dusk till dawn to the music provided by top DJs and sound systems such as DJ Polish, Prezzi Bashment, DJ Pow, Frass Vybz, Joe Young and Stretch.

More announcement on the event to follow!

#SaveTheDate May 26th, 2014
Lorna’s Outdoor & Indoor Complex
126-24 Merrick blvd Queens NY



GREENSBURG, Pa. —A Youngwood woman is accused of selling heroin from her hospital bed while she was in the intensive care unit at a Westmoreland County hospital.

The 38-year-old woman will likely be charged criminally Tuesday, according to Greensburg Police Capt. Chad Zucco. He said she was a patient at Excela Westmoreland Hospital for an unrelated medical issue when hospital staff noticed unusual behavior in and out of her room.

“What they noticed last week was an exorbitant amount of foot traffic happening to a patient’s room. Not patients coming to stay two hours, but patients coming to stay two minutes. They thought that was really odd so they contacted security at Excela Westmoreland Hospital,” said Excela Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Miele.

Zucco said the woman also had multiple cellphones in her room that would ring at all hours. He said visitors to her room also didn’t know her last name, which made medical staff suspicious. Staff then notified Greensburg police, who conducted surveillance of the room and sent in a confidential informant to perform a buy.

“The confidential informant was able to purchase approximately 30 bags of heroin from her. In a subsequent search of her person and her room, they were able to confiscate 380 bags of heroin, approximately $3,800 street value,” Zucco said.

Zucco said police also seized $1,420 in cash. Zucco said she kept the drugs inside her purse and inside drawers in the room. Police are still investigating how she got the drugs inside the hospital in the first place.

“Definitely is one of the more unique cases, to be selling narcotics out of an intensive care unit where obviously people are trying to get help,” Zucco said.

Miele said hospital staff at all three of Excela’s Westmoreland County locations are on the front lines of the drug addiction problem in the county, adding protocols are in place to limit the amount of painkillers prescribed to patients.

“Not only do we have this incident, but day after day we have patients being treated in all three of our emergency room facilities. People who are overdosing. It’s very disturbing,” Miele said.

Police expect to file charges in this case Tuesday.

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