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The school community at Titchfield High School in Port Antonio, Portland is in shock and mourning following Monday’s fatal crash which claimed the life of a 13-year-old male student and the injury of others.

Pranjal Jasti was killed when a mini bus transporting 24 students and an adult woman overturned into a ravine after the driver failed to negotiate a corner at Black Hill in the parish.

Jasti was pronounced dead at the Annotto Bay Hospital where his father, who is a medical doctor, also works.

The ill-fated mini bus, which is licensed to carry 15 passengers, was a total wreck.

The driver and conductor remain hospitlised while the woman, whose arm was severely damaged during the crash, is said to be critical at hospital.

This morning, a trauma team from the Ministry of Education Region 2, headed by senior education officer, Patricia Salmon, was dispatched to the school to offer support, advice, and prayer to grieving students and teachers.

“It is a sad period for all of you,” Salmon told the grieving students of grade 8L.

“I know that all of you truly missed Pranjal. I am hearing some positive things about him, and as I said before, we can use those good behaviours. We can emulate them to become better students and we have been given another chance to become a productive member of our society. So let us begin to self examine and to do the right thing. This is not going to stop us,” she further said.

Earlier, Principal Richard Thompson expressed sadness at the tragic crash.

“Our information is that there were 20 of our students on a bus. We later learned that we lost one student. We spent last night trying to make contact with parents. We got through to some and we are trying to get information as it relates to injuries. We again started this morning to make contact with parents.

“This morning we had to call the school together. It is a very difficult situation. People are still in shock. People are angry at the transportation system.”


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  1. Yardielovethug

    on May 21, 2019 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    :batabig Tragic all around,the time is long overdue for a proper school bus system to be put in especially the Rural areas.The cost to implement it is a small fraction of the multi billions being spent on roadwork projects in Kingston .Kingston is NOT the whole Jamaica, so how many more of our children have to die before we get the collective will to DO SOMETHING :marah !!Cowbawling crying for that Doctor working to see his son comes in dead,he is helpless ,hopeless ,saved so many other ppl lives but won’t be able to save ur own :sorry :( :( !!


    on May 21, 2019 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    :sorry :nohope :nohope :sorry :sorry :sorry :nohope :nohope :nohope :sorry :sorry :sorry :nohope :nohope :nohope :sorry :sorry :sorry :nohope :nohope :nohope :nohope :sorry :sorry One of the Best parish
    My Parish!! When i receive the notification from Loop news it bring tears to my eyes then when I saw it on the news cool bumps take over my whole body.RIP to that little 13 boy that lost his life my condolences goes out to his family I’m praying & hoping a speedy recovery to the 26 others that are injured in that bloody bus Crash. :cd

    :cd :cd :cd :malu2 :cd :sorry :sorry :sorry :sorry :sorry :sorry :cd :cd :sorry GOD IS SO GOOD ! I AM HAPPY THAT IT IS NOT MORE !

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