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Dear Pink. Please HMID if you post. I have a message for the police officers out there. This is coming from someone who has a retired police officer in their family, and who grew up being taught to respect the police. You, Jamaican police officers, need to follow the training that you received at the academy and STOP BLAMING VICTIMS WHEN THEY REPORT CRIMES TO YOU. ESPECIALLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

That kind of behavior is why people prefer to bypass the police and execute jungle justice instead. Because of my job I have to accompany victims to make reports all the time. Recently a teenage boy was sexually assaulted and the officer stopped writing in the middle of the boy speaking and asked him “Why he allowed it to happen” and he accused him of wanting it, when the boy was clearly beaten and bloody. And the ones who do it know themselves. It’s about time you do better. Remember why you joined the force in the first place. I hope it was for good reasons.


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  1. Official Latty

    on August 17, 2019 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    Most times ppl that haven’t been in or can put themselves in a person’s shoe won’t grasp it not even if it’s just to feel it. I’ve heard ppl say in rape or molestation situations why not fight back or why yuh let it happen but until ur in that place at that present time in that present situation then u won’t….

  2. Anonymous

    on August 18, 2019 at 12:31 am - Reply

    Jamaican police force needs to stop recruiting illeterate people to become officers. After recruitment, officers are suppose to take basic training plus to continue learning on the job, and after take an examination. Now tell me who’s the one that’s grading these people so that they continue in the force? Whomever is responsible for doing so, needs to be sack, as this is where the problem lies.

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