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Need some advice
I’ve been with this guy for 2 years. The relationship has always been complicated emotionally because I just couldn’t figure out if I really liked him. Yet I would still hang around him etc I don’t like his personality too lie and HYPE and I’m not really sure what I’m attracted to. He’s has a very little penis maybe 3 in 4.19 when erected. He’s handsome but he also can’t dress him nuh have NOOOOOOOO money broke like church mouse. And him love gal fi mind him. He borrowed money from me 1 time and mi nuh get it back all now so me nuh lend nuh more nor give him shit. Now when we start talk him claim seh him single okay —— me move in wid him and no matter how I’m there the man go to the strip club every night! I cook clean and take care of the home/kids etc. never use to go road or nothing just stay home w the kids cuz I don’t really mind me ah house rat plus I don’t like keeping no bagga friend n company. Anyways the man search out me phone periodically through

The day me can’t catch a break him nuh f**k fi murder me if him see something weh him no like. Him jealous of me n my mom relationship or even me n my friends he don’t want nobody to be friend with me nor chat to me. Me start search back fi him phone and realize seh d man a f**k bout 2000 gal yes wid d shrimps hood. On top of it him a deal wid a ex weh it seem like him a tell her seh dem inna relationship cuz dis gal give him all her money mek him a drive up n down in her Father car dis hole time him a drive it home me think a rental but a d gal pa car. Basically him a play house over deh 2 wid fi her piknie dem. 🙄🙄 so me start confront him bout it all d man a chat seh is use him a use the gal fi her things and him nuh mean the shit weh him a text her seh .. d gal buss a breeed n have to dash weh d belly him not even fart pon she nor it and she see him a rd n cuz pare havoc over it .. argument never stop between me n him n him start beat out mi claat every min. Him a chat seh mi a

Bl**at idiot n mi nuh see seh a me ah d woman a di yard n everybody know me n nobody nuh know she .. but that alone can’t satisfy me. Man like that will f**k man cuz u a tell me seh a likes yuh a run down suh? Him a chat bout him can’t just cut off the gal like that cuz she do a lot for him .. kmft now me left him and ting move out etc but him nuh f**k fi
Come a mi yard n pop up n stalk out
Me bbc .. but like me seh all we do a war .. weh day me n him stop chat fi 2 months cuz me block him after we fight and me show up to brunch wid a new man UNU know seh di pussy follow me go a d bathroom n laywait me n start rip off me clothes n wet me up wid him liquor d man all pop off me yeyelash off me yeye and a tell
Me to go home !! So me pick up a big stone an rass him wid it n him lick me wid a bokkle. This whole time a di gal father car him drive come a d brunch enuh and did a beg me fi go home wid him STINK NO BBC … me tell him straight seh if him can’t stop chat to she him fi low me
ALL NOW D P** WONT LEAVE ME. Him tell him friend dem how him love me and check fi me but me too maddy maddy a cuz me nah tek nuh check .. PINKY WAH UNU THINK REALLY A GWAN WID DI ODDA GAL ?? CUZ AH WHY ME A RUFFLE HIM FEATHERS SUH? Why him nuh GALLAN WID SHE SINCE SHE IS SUCH A BENEFIT TO HIM


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  1. Anonymous

    on May 21, 2019 at 7:45 am - Reply

    You saw all the red flags and still went in the relationship girl you crazy as fuck,woman have something call intuition and you said you didn’t like him from day one why?!?because deep down you knew he was full of fucking shit so what kind of advice you could really want when you saw all this coming kmft.

    • Bambogal

      on May 21, 2019 at 3:42 pm - Reply

      Him going to kill har one of dese days. She needs to leave now.

  2. Anonymous

    on May 21, 2019 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    Kmt, yuh just send this een fi Di next gal see seh him still a run yuh dung, the two a unnu a man mascot, what else?

  3. smh

    on May 21, 2019 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    You can’t be this dumb???

  4. Anonymous

    on May 21, 2019 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    Well if the 2 ah unnu ah mine him of course him nah guh wah lose none. U is the house maid and the babysitter plus the bread winner. The other girl him play house wid too. The 2 ah unnu just ah get use. Let it go and move on my girl.

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