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Bethel town hood rat
Bethel town obeah wukka you n u daughter nuh stop F** down the bar that’s why u a bawl seh u nah Mek nuh money cause the whole heap a cum inna the bar a salt u up. The time u di Deh a buy clothes and boot u need fi go support u Madda. U need fi go pray secret wh*re

Marvette people call her Annessa from bethel town westmoreland act like she a hot gal,only going around in bethel town making trouble,gal a full time you must go look a life people tired a you everybody a fly out gal and make progress of them life,and you that think you a hot gal don’t have nothing fi you self gal you don’t shame we citizens tired of you go and look a life a sin take you, you have no shame of youself,I don’t think you even know you age that why all the gal them that was you friends gone lef you because them see that you careless all mi have to tell you stop take people man and find you own so him can take you out a the PIG PEN

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  1. Latty

    on June 23, 2016 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    :ngakak :ngakak senda say di bar full a cum a how Mi fi manij now dwpbrcl

  2. unknown

    on June 23, 2016 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    Yes dirty nasty suck pussy terse malcolm in Switzerland u can say war ever u want to say anything my mother want from mi have it mi give it to har prayers can’t too much u a d biggest obeah wucka a long time u a wuk it u an d man wah u give the jacket to a unno teach me dog a u Fi go look a life a deh a foreign over 6yrs way u have nothing at all all u do f*k out an done out every f***g nation u f**k over deh an u not even put up a tent over u children them head left mi picnic alone at least him a f**k somewhere u nah f**k nuh way the only place u tek brick in u mouth an all over u f**g nasty dirty stinking face remember a u raffle baby father way u give jacket tell mi u nasty dirty blood cloth u nuh want not even a sheet a zinc to turn a toilet ur perfect shit house old germs mi older than u an mi look 1ooo time better than u.u long time redundant pussy gal member a pure batty whole u have left an it tin out like plastic an miserable like lady bag nuh f**k wit mi nasty terse u cant flap mi I no u deeds John crow wen u reply back mi come hotter this time u a old woman now stop raffle go look Fi u picnic pah u f**k too much dirty man that’s why u can’t find u picnic pah yet mi no a who for later mi will tell social media u body tired u suck too much pussy dirty sad Amite gal u no all the suck pussy gal them u mouth bore now u license Fi it old cockie termite

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