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  1. Anonymous

    on January 31, 2019 at 9:26 am - Reply

    Babsy Grange, wi si

  2. Tawkchuet

    on January 31, 2019 at 11:46 am - Reply

    God will not be mocked. When Jesus Christ the risen savior died on the cross he said “ behold I am the lamb” his blood was shed so there is no need for rituals n ceremonies because he paid it all past n future at Cavalry cross.

  3. Official Latty

    on February 1, 2019 at 12:20 am - Reply

    Believe what you want. Call it what you want. We are from this, its just that ppl started to use it for bad some are born with those gifts but use it for the wrong reasons. I came specially from The creator and my ancestors with gifts that I have that I didn’t understand or how to use not even knowing how powerful I was but I knew I was different even from the beginning. Hypocrisy of many and following the wrong ppl I went the wrong route many times even with guidance but they let me go eventually knowing I would come. Everyone won’t understand cause we are not all here for the same purpose I’m a seer/healer 99% of my dreams actually happens in our living reality. I can also tell you things from a photo off just first glance, if I walk in a room I can sense everyone’s energy so most think I’m weird cause I sit by myself not understanding what is going on. I wouldn’t say I don’t like crowds, I can hang, it’s just so much energy most times I feel drained taking on negative energy. I can also pray and vomit demons from my own flesh if I get fully into it…I did it 2 times.. 99% of ppl think I’m crazy but when I read them they lose it. I lost my way plenty of times even in the womb the devil tried to kill me and from very early tried to break me down so I would stray from my journey and from the truth.. with each obstacle more painful than the one before but the more painful the closer I was.. my guardians never left me an inch. The creator gave everyone the ability to choose ur own but some were chosen by others and I’m one of those. What we run from is what we should embrace. We are spiritual beings even my flesh makes me forget at times. We were also all connected at one time but separated that is why most ppl spend a lifetime time searching for the other. Most times some read the bible they want to sleep because of the spell but most realize and they can’t put everyone to sleep. ..But they can definitely slow the process. The bible say don’t contact the spirit because every spirit is not good spirit. If you need help the spirits will get to you to help so no need for contact that’s why when ppl open portals 98% the bad ones are always waiting to run right in the good ones know our world and they want nothing to do with it at this present times until the change comes they want to help fight for that change so most times like get together the spirit might possess for certain things to guide us like a prophecy. I’m still in training an the flesh is weak and target practice for the enemy is always on in my little space in the world so I get distracted many times but with growth and dreams/visions from the creator and ancestors mama, obatala I grew alot and they believe I’m ready. Ppl believe that the creator himself will come and help them no he sends others we can’t handle the holy spirit why he send help.. I digress a lot so I will stop here. Believe what you want I’m free to comment.

    • Anonymous

      on February 1, 2019 at 6:11 am - Reply

      latty if me always a dream seh ppl a come affa me fi kill me, a wah kinda dream dat…?

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