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Me inna JN Wednesday and me see this girl that look like the girl wa dem seh FootaHype a beat,
Gyal look nice and pleasant, me neva sure if a she so me go look pan har IG page , and then me realize seh a she same one Minioprah
Me nah lie, she look good, happy and clean in a the bank
Then guess what , me go see them a airport , I don’t know if a good luck or what, or a sign
Him neva deh a the bank , but the two a them checking in a jetblue counter
The other day me did comment and done har when dem seh she a make him beat her but them look happy, a run jokes, holding hands and pure carry on in a the people dem airport ME NUH KNOW IF IT WAS A SHOW OR WHAT! ALL HICKEY PAN NECK !
FootaHype no look good with har though, gyal want one nicer man
If u eva see how him shine and him shirt dirty in a di people dem good airport like him want a wash off a one river
Me did waan tek dem picture, but me fraid FootaHype obeah me
Me feel seh we fi low har, cause not because she a no Ishawna , or she no famous , but gyal look good
Me just no want she make FootaHype obeah ways dem tun har inna beaten stick
Minioprah next time me buk u up me ago seh hi to you, cause you look pleasant and descent
And no make FootaHype make the people dem hate you, cause FootaHype no love no other woman but ishawna , and me feel seh him up to something fishy with you, just pray a no try him a try mek we think him get over the festive queen!!!!!
Or unnu think him really check fi Minioprah?
Me need help

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    on May 11, 2019 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    A same suh him an Ishawna use to laugh up and live good in public all while him a beat her. This means nothing

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