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So D’angel got no real talent, only know fi f**k people man fi money, she can’t declare a man, all she do is sell her self. She and har sister jackie in war over the same man a England weh she did go f**k the last time she went there to perform. So the real reason she haven’t been back to England for any show was because nobody nah book D’angel to perform a dem show, only Drug dealers send fi D’angel.

The bwoy did gone a prison so mi know seh the sister Jackie start deh wid the boy when him come from Prison. So the boy a f**k the two sister and give dem money and D’angel know that because the sista call har and cuss har off and seh a fi har man now. But the boy a one waste boy weh don’t mind his kids and the boy only a use the two a dem because them think him have so much money because him buy Lamborghini. D’angel is a low low hungry b*tch, who go the lowest level for money. Sleeping with her sister man. The boy a play alot of them the same way..

U nuh see say she deh a England but she nuh book fi nuh show.. the slut gone sell herself. But she fi left the man wid Jackie. After all Jackie live in England. Mi hear seh Jackie want beat har ,smh wow but a hide she mussi a hide that’s why she can’t post nothing all now only a plane.. Jackie fi done har, she left all the way so far fi tek a sister man. That nuh right. The sister start f**k the man because D’angel deny f***g the boy, so Jackie have the man now and D’angel know that and still gone tek the man fi money… nothing nah gwaan fi har career and she only make herself look more stupid.

Bingilingilin (spice voice) D’angel have the cheek fi a sing song bout man a the least a har problem, when out a all the man in the world she haffi go fuck har sister man. A the same waste bwoy weh did f**k har few years ago a England, but because him go prison fi drugs and now him come out, the sister start f**k him and D’angel know that and still hide go a England fi sell some pussy. Unnuh nuh notice how she a hide, har post them boring and she nuh have no show in England.

People open u eyes and see what really going on. The gal broke, she hungry, a could a wah cause har fi a f**k her sister man. Moreover the bwoy a hide har because him a tun nuff a dem inna idiot wid him Lamborghini. A nuff gal him a fool at the same time. Him is a waste bwoy weh nuh mind him kids them. Him have 5 pickney wid 5 babymadda and him don’t mind them at all. Mi hear seh the sister plan fi beat har fi har man. What a shame pon D’angel. Talk bout spice fix har body a she need fi go fix your reputation and stop walk and f**k people man fi things.. bingilingilin har same p**y a it a dun har career. Bingilingilin 


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26 comments to this article

  1. Official Latty

    on April 22, 2019 at 11:48 am - Reply

    More like a di sista a fuck angel man….nuh yuh senda, seh angel fuck di man some years back an him go prison an come out an di grease can sista stawt fuck him. A spice camp dis a come from. Mnl

  2. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 12:03 pm - Reply

    Sender u sound like one of the bitter baby mother and u keep repeating urself, kmt next

  3. Tj

    on April 22, 2019 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    Sender u sound like one of the bitter baby mother, kmt next

  4. MiNuhCare

    on April 22, 2019 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    Bingilingilin…yu BLOODCLAWT. Ah must one ah Splice reprobate send dis in. YES, there are women out there that has been with one man all their life…so kudos to them on that.

    Let me make this VERY VIVID… I don’t know D’Angel, personally. However, I can’t be judgemental towards her, since I don’t know why she make the decisions she made. So with that in mind…

    Sender, COME OUT ah D’Angel PVSSY PASSAGE and mek she fvck and duck whoever she pleases. I’m sick and tired of people pointing fingers on WHO they THINK they know. STOP COUNT DE GYAL PVSSY MILEAGE!!

    Sender, how or why do you think so many older/elderly women have children for different men?

    Sender, move yu rasss, because see de skeleton foot ah drop out ah yu closet door.

    D’Angel run you pvssy til it shrivel and dry up…CAUSE ONLY YOU ALONE WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES that follow.

  5. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 12:51 pm - Reply

    D’angel cyan hungry wen beenie ah pay har child support.. if har child eat she eat.. lies , lies.. ah spice send in dis.

  6. Spanish Town

    on April 22, 2019 at 12:52 pm - Reply


    Sender if you wicked 1 more time, yuh kill yuh mumma. Angel sister a old old gal. It would be more believable if you said any other sister.A spice dancer send you? I can’t say Spice , because would have more sense. Go and clean your your heart. Bad mind tun up an mi hun too like angel either.

  7. Grace stop it

    on April 22, 2019 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Doesn’t sound factual spice.

  8. Cassie

    on April 22, 2019 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    Only dirty, no self esteem woman would be there with a man that her sister once spoke to, let alone have a relationship with- there a just certain barriers morals should disallow a DECENT woman to cross. Like the sender alluded to, there are just too many men in the world for someone to have to resort to something like this.

    If this really the truth, then I have no words for D’Angel…

  9. Garfield

    on April 22, 2019 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Sender it sound like u mouth a dangel pussy mek u know that u selling har body and take har sista.she take the fuck tru u mouth and u mouth mash up mek u come out bitter r the taste of the pad / condom left in u mouth

  10. We nuh pet ppl

    on April 22, 2019 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    @Sender, guh free dive inna yuh mumma and splash up yuh battyman fada and sodomite Spice, while you’re at it! Yuh stink like! You sound like a scratch record, wid yuh false news! I swear to yuh, if yuh neva ah guh over and over wid di same ting, like ten divided by three, maybe mi/wi wudda believe yuh, but the fact that you keep repeating yourself and highlighting particular bits, screams MALICIOUSNESS!!!!! [email protected] ENTIRELY off and keep Michelle and Jackie’s names out of yuh stinking mouth, bitch!!!!! You delusional bitch; isn’t it odd, that when ppl speak the truth about the bitch you’re here cheering for, even with evidence, you lot claim it’s a lie, but everything you stink crotched whores say about others is “gospel”?????

  11. In my opinion

    on April 22, 2019 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    I got repetitive strain injury reading this. Sender, why can’t u name the man? U have a personal agenda. You want the man fi uself. D’angel Ah fuck him and u ah post story in order to get her our.

  12. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    Ole dutty spice, this has your scent of the devil written all over it. From you start mention bout “bookings” we know a you. Why you nuh left Angel alone mek the girl continue fi flourish. She and Jackie can never inna war ova man, so with that being said, GO SUCK YOU MADDA TO INFINITY. Damn trifling dog shit. And no me is Angel, mi a cuss you fi har. Tuh.

  13. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    Met please keep this IP address cause I am going to want my 20%. D’Angel open a pum pum tighter store and sell pim pum tightener cause di mount a man wry dem call yi name pan an man still want yu.

    The viciousness in this story, is beyond words.

    • Met

      on April 22, 2019 at 5:49 pm - Reply

      Angel sister a christian

  14. Kmft

    on April 22, 2019 at 6:47 pm - Reply


  15. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 7:22 pm - Reply

    Whoever send this is in is wicked. Go clean out your dirty heart.

  16. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    Uno can tan dey ah fuss abt Jamaican gyal an fvck man.bcos most ah Jamaican Gyal build a career out ah dem pvssy…

  17. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    I’m a fan of D’angel but if that’s what your doing it’s not right. Have some pride, if your in England then how u fans didn’t know where ur gonna be performing and why ur not been seen with ur sister Jackie. Careful it sounds like it could be true

  18. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 8:51 pm - Reply


  19. Anonymous

    on April 22, 2019 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Damaging D’Angel wasnt enough, they tried to get the sister entangled in such nastiness.

    I pray the evil you set out to do returns to you 100 folds. D’Angel might have a bad reputation but good God, lowe di woman mek shi prosper nuh. A caan unno man shi tek mek u bitter suh all guh di distance fi lie pan har sister. No rass when unnu guh fi wicked.

  20. Just saying

    on April 23, 2019 at 12:08 am - Reply

    I believe it sender ah front she sell! And gawn like see nice! She will do anything for money…i heard this from a guy that used to fuck her. him say she is very freaky and love attention bad.

  21. Anonymous

    on April 23, 2019 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Raaayyyyyyyy !! Angel yuh pussy goood.
    Mad dem mad.
    Minding yuh business

  22. Anonymous

    on April 23, 2019 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    To try and ruin a woman’s reputation people will says she’s a whore, or that she is crazy. To ruin a man’s reputation? Just call him gay.

    One thing I love about Angel, she don’t really pay haters and hypocrites no mind. Plus she knows she is a beautiful woman, so the blacks and the uglies are not going to like her.

    • Cassie

      on April 23, 2019 at 10:36 pm - Reply

      So what you’re trying to say is that “black” people get intimidated by beautiful people.


  23. Anonymous

    on April 24, 2019 at 9:58 am - Reply

    It makes sense because D’angel deh England and all now you cant see any pictures with she and her sister.

  24. Smh

    on April 25, 2019 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    Angel a dog shit . Anybody who don’t know that angel sells Pussy for a living born last night ! She can’t count the amount of man she has to take just to pay her rent …she also fucking a man that drives a white Benz . She a sharlene with pretty car eyes …once u have few dollar u can fuck her …give her a 20 pack and she alright ! This bitch low and hungry . She frequent at the hotels in kgn busy selling pussy . Angel a time for u to retire now , u disgust me .


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