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he call him self sawfie alliance him dunce no p**yckart him can’t even read n write … met the man have 9 kids and don’t mind none but the one what live in USA. you could blame the bby mothers but met due to how him lie the woman them don’t know how much kids or what they are getting them self into. him get visa n live a USA the man have 5 kids in jamaica which he don’t look on not even know which school them go or how them live but every day him a post bottles…him have two in the uk and get 2 more in the US. for a big man all he does is lie to the woman them and trick them hence why him have 9 kids and 9 bby madda cus wen them find out it’s too late. met all him do is walk behind pure entertainers killa spice ect and don’t secure nothing for him self him is jus a send out man. every party the man deh inna red bottom n gucci while his kids a jamaica a suffer like dwag…

him sick stomach mi hear seh the 2 wah live a london not even look pon him or know him. him have visa how long n just breed dwn America walk n fuck n suck dwn the gal them mi hear seh the last gal weh him breed ova yaso fi her yard him live n she don’t even know how much kids him have she think a 3….so cant even encourage him fi do better and that one deh wsh live ova yaso alone him post …listen bby girl a 9 him have n don’t mek him fool u cus him don’t mind not one a dem wah u feel like it stop a you? wise up b4 it’s too late


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