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rop Stunna Big belly pon me ID de
How you fi a sex the promoter and go a the party looking like trash, you a f**k the fat man wa keep wet and naked and the man f**k you and duck you whole time, mi can a f**k top man wa shop till him drop and look like vomit inna big party🙄…. Met this girl a f**k a girl baby father a Duncans and she want be the girl so bad she follow and gone a school fi do makeup and hair😂 the boy do the same thing Stunna do “f**k and dump” but this one turn round beat her nearly kill r fi him Babymother 🤦‍♀ poor thing…
Broke pocket Matthew say him affi a hide u cuz u get one n naw move 😂 Bubbla say a free piercings n tattoo u want u p**y ago bun u fi it 🤦🏾‍♀️ girl need a new pussy, u f** the hole place n no man na stay


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  1. GENA

    on June 11, 2019 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    do you feel better knowing you left this here? whoever you are! is it feeding you? how is it beneficial to you? what’s your motive? cause it seems as if i have done you wrong in some sort of way that I’m obviously not aware of. cause mi nuh walk and trouble ppl. imagine this! you take more than 5 minutes out of your day to search and save a picture of mine to post here, type all this bullshit of assumptions and hear say, for what? that 5 or more minutes you could’ve taken to earn some cash or something; take care of your child…….do something that would contribute to bettering yourself. have a nice rest of your day! go pray you live to see another. you have something to say, come to my face or when you are posting your bullshits, don’t hide,love! since you are so bold in people’s business and have a lot to say, be bold enough to show who you are as well


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